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Class 1 Flocon Course

  • Holds the Ourson.
  • Can control his/her speed and cross the fall line using snowplough turns.
  • Retains his/her balance while sliding faster with skis parallel both across and down the slope, on both skis or from one ski to the other, over smooth terrain on a gentle slope.
  • Can brake and stop and is starting to be able to sideslip.

 Flocon - Ecole du ski français : réservation de cours de ski et de snowboard pour adultes et enfants en France

Definition of the test Flocon

Series of 7 to 8 snowplough turns with the skis brought back to the parallel position in between, over a suitable marked out course.
Elementary direct line across the slope following a roughly straight trajectory.
Test of balance when skiing while facing down the slope (with little jumps, from one foot to the other or over little bumps, etc.) on a gentle slope.

Children tests flocon